The Congressional and Other Testimony Series presents the testimony of Washington College of Law faculty on public policy issues at federal and state Congressional hearings as well as local government hearings. Testimony is often invited as part of the law making process to obtain subject matter expertise on an issue to help shape public policy.


Submissions from 2011


Statement of David E. Aaronson in Support of HB 1075 to Repeal the Death Penalty, David E. Aaronson

Submissions from 2010


Rise of the Drones: Unmanned Systems and the Future of War, Kenneth Anderson


Prepared Statement to the House Committee on the Judiciary on The Espionage Act and the Legal and Constitutional Issues Raised by WikiLeaks, Stephen I. Vladeck

Submissions from 2009


Testimony before the D.C. Council on Marriage Equality & Domestic Partnerships, Nancy Polikoff


Submission of American Patent and Health Law Professors on Australian Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into Gene Patents, Joshua Sarnoff