Most Recent Additions


From "Awesome" to Articulate: Translating an International Experience to Employment
W. David Mann, Traci Mundy-Jenkins, and Martin Tillman


Alternatives to Traditional Study Abroad Programs
Adi Altshuler, Vinita Bali, and Srividhya Ragavan


Designing and Implementing JD/LLM Programs
Diane Edelman, Toni M. Fine, Matthew Wladyka, and Emily Miletello


Open Discussion Session
Theresa Kaiser


Creating and Maintaining Quality in Programs Abroad
Natalie Mello, Jennifer Henderson, and Cara Morris


Summer Study Abroad Programs: Challenges and Innovations
Richard Schneider, Keith Vetter, and Vinita Bali


Trends and Challenges in ABA-Approved Semester Abroad Programs
Lisa Lancia, John Cooper, Geoffrey Bennett, and Marcella David


Welcome Remarks and Keynote
Claudio Grossman and Laurel Terry


Student Success
Theresa Kaiser, Jennifer Henderson, and Larry Bush

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