Thank you so much for the presentation. Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to everybody—in accordance with the respective time that you are speaking. I am very honored to be invited to this conference, and I am also very honored that I am sharing this presentation together with my good colleague and friend, Nilüfer Oral. We are both co-chairs of the Study Group on Sea-Level Rise in Relation to International Law of the International Law Commission, together with the other colleagues, some of them I think are attending this session online, Patrícia Galvão-Teles and Juan José Ruda Santaloria together with Yacouba Cissé, the five proponents of this topic included on the agenda of the International Law Commission. Because the time is very limited—this means that, together with Nilüfer, we have 15 minutes, that means seven minutes and a half for each of us—so our presentation cannot be exhaustive, from an objective point of view. Therefore, I will be, and Nilüfer I think as well, very telegraphic in our presentations.


Thank you so much Bogdan, and you did very well on the time; there is so much information in those eighty pages to summarize. But first of all, greetings to all. I also have to extend my very sincerest appreciation and thanks to our hosts, and especially to our dear friend and colleague, Professor Claudio Grossman. He always does things with great panache, and this is really a fantastic organization.