Karima Bennoune


I express my sincere thanks to the American Society of International Law and the International Legal Studies Program at American University Washington College of Law for the invitation to be this year’s commentator. It is indeed an honor to respond to Judge Charlesworth’s erudite Grotius Lecture: “The Art of International Law.”

Just getting to say Judge Hilary Charlesworth alone is very meaningful. She is only the fifth woman judge out of 110 total judges on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) so far. Thanks to hard work by feminist international lawyers like her, there is finally an uptick in women’s inclusion in the field of international law. That is great news, but there is a long way to go. The progress being made has to be nurtured, expanded, and protected. I want to start off by congratulating the 2022 Grotius lecturer and thanking her personally, and her whole generation of feminist international lawyers around the world, for working so hard to increase the representation of women in international law and for creating space for many of us within the discipline.