Volume 40, Issue 2 (1991)



Who is an Impartial Juror in an Age of Mass Media
Newton N. Minow and Fred H. Cate


On the Effectiveness of Voir Dire in Criminal Cases with Prejudicial Pretrial Publicity: An Empirical Study
Norbert L. Kerr, Geoffrey P. Kramer, John S. Carroll, and James J. Alfini


Citizen Comprehension of Difficult Issues: Lessons from Civil Jury Trials
Joe S. Cecil, Valerie P. Hans, and Elizabeth C. Wiggins.


Jurors' Attitudes About Civil Litigation and the Size of Damage Awards
Edith Greene, Jane Goodman, and Elizabeth F. Loftus


International Drug Cartels: Miami Vice or Government Spice
Edward R. Shohat and Pamela I. Perry


Getting to Know You
Robert F. Hanley

Conference & Symposia


Panel One: What Empirical Research Tells Us, and What We Need to Know About Juries and the Quest for Impartiality
Ford Rowan, Abner J. Mikva, Peter Blanck, Joseph E. DiGenova, Jamie S. Gorelick, Valerie Hans, Norbert L. Kerr, and Robert Maccoun


Panel Two: Current Judicial Practice, Legal Issues and Existing Remedies
Ford Rowan, Stanley Sporkin, Jay Stephens, Tom G. Crone, Elizabeth F. Loftus, and Ronald Olson


Panel Three: The Roles of Juries and the Press in the Modern Judicial System
Ford Rowan, Michael Bromwich, Shari S. Diamond, Jane Kirtley, Bruce W. Sanford, Nina Totenberg, Neil Vidmar, and Stephen Wermiel


Notes & Casenotes