On September 9, 1994, The American University Law Review and the Law and Government Program of The Washington College of Law cohosted a conference addressing voting rights, with an emphasis on recent Supreme Courtjurisprudence, and Shaw v. Reno in particular. The conference brought together many of the leading scholars and practitioners involved in this area of the law. The day's events included four panel discussions and a luncheon speech by Julian Bond, the transcripts of which the Law Review is honored to publish.

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Bond, Julian, Katharine Inglis Butler, Penda Hair, Anita S. Hodgkiss, Samuel Isaacharoff, Richard Jerome, David Kairys, Pamela S. Karlan, Robert A. Kengle, Loretta King, J. Morgan, Kousser, Allan J. Lichtman, Binny Miller, Frank R. Parker, Richard H. Pildes, Jamin B. Raskin, Edward Still, Donald B. Verilli, Jr., Alex Willingham, and Brenda Wright. "Supreme Court, Racial Politics, and the Right to Vote: Shaw v. Reno and the Future of the Voting Rights Act." American University Law Review 44, no. 1 (October 1994): 1-126.