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September 2000


This working monograph (about 120,000 words) analyzes the relationship between public international organizations such as the United Nations system and international non-governmental organizations under conditions of globalization.It argues that international organizations and international NGOs are locked in an embrace of mutual legitimation, each giving the other important political legitimacy, in favor of liberal internationalism and at the expense of democratic sovereignty. The monograph argues that the legitimacy that each gives the other is based on flawed assumptions about the nature of civil society and "international civil society," on the one hand, and global governance and the possibilities of international, global democracy, on the other. It concludes by calling for a strengthening of democratic sovereignty as against liberal internationalism.This working draft was never carried forward to completion and publication; instead, several parts were produced as separate articles. However, the author has received requests for it as a working document, so it is being posted to SSRN. (This is a marked up, working copy pdf, as the original word-processing document was corrupted.)