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Richard Posner is a central figure in the generation of brilliant lawyers and economists who created the Chicago school of antitrust. Since the first edition of Posner’s Antitrust Law was published in 1976, most of the field has been transformed, in many respects along the very lines he proposed, and at times with a helpful decision from now—Judge Posner pushing that movement along. But horizontal merger law, while revolutionized by the Chicago school’s signature economic approach, has not changed in the precise manner Posner advocated a quarter century ago. Now, with the publication of the second edition of Antitrust Law, Posner finds himself in the position of a parent dispensing fatherly advice to an adult child who has assimilated the lessons of her upbringing but also has developed distinctive views of her own.

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January 2002

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Richard Posner, Antitrust Law, Judge Posner


Antitrust and Trade Regulation | Law

Horizontal Merger Analysis Grows Up: A Review of Chapter 5 of Richard Posner’s Antitrust Law (2d ed. 2001)