Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship the World Over


Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship the World Over


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In this eleventh volume in The World Over series, Simon and Brooks examine and compare the rights and responsibilities of citizenship across twenty-one countries. The countries included are Canada, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa, India, China, Japan, and Australia. In addition to reporting on the rights that citizens enjoy in these countries, as for example the right to run for and hold public office, vote, obtain scholarships, and hold government positions, the authors also describe the responsibilities that are attached to the role of citizen_for example, to serve in the military, serve on a jury, and pay taxes. When available, Simon and Brooks report on public opinion data on how proud respondents are of the country in which they are citizens, as measured by such variables as whether they would rather be a citizen of their country over any other country in the world, how proud they are of their country's political influence in the world, how democracy works in their country, and whether they believe they should support their country even if it is in the wrong. Following a brief chapter on the history of citizenship, the book is organized such that the first section provides a country-by-country profile of each of the issues describing rights and responsibilities and reports on the public opinion data. The second part is explicity comparative and describes the countries against each other.




Rita J. Simon is a professor in the School of Public Affairs and the Washington College of Law at American University. Alison Brooks is a graduate student in the School of Public Affairs at American University.

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Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Chapter I: North America Chapter 4 Chapter 1: Canada Chapter 5 Chapter 2: United States Chapter 6 Chapter II: South America Chapter 7 Chapter 3: Argentina Chapter 8 Chapter 4: Brazil Chapter 9 Chapter III: Europe Chapter 10 Chapter 5: Great Britain Chapter 11 Chapter 6: France Chapter 12 Chapter 7: Germany Chapter 13 Chapter 8: Italy Chapter 14 Chapter 9: Sweden Chapter 15 Chapter IV: The Russian Federation/Eastern Europe Chapter 16 Chapter 10: Russia Chapter 17 Chapter 11: Poland Chapter 18 Chapter 12: Hungary Chapter 19 Chapter V: Middle East Chapter 20 Chapter 13: Egypt Chapter 21 Chapter 14: Israel Chapter 22 Chapter 15: Iran Chapter 23 Chapter VI: Africa Chapter 24 Chapter 16: Nigeria Chapter 25 Chapter 17: South Africa Chapter 26 Chapter VII: Asia Chapter 27 Chapter 18: India Chapter 28 Chapter 19: China Chapter 29 Chapter 20: Japan Chapter 30 Chapter VIII: Oceania Chapter 31 Chapter 21: Australia Chapter 32 Chapter 22: Comparative Analysis Chapter 33 Chapter 23: Concluding Comments

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Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship the World Over