Prisons the World Over

Prisons the World Over


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As of 2007, more than 9.25 million people were imprisoned worldwide. Almost half of the persons imprisoned are in the United States, China and Russia. The United States has more persons in prison per capita than any country in the world. Prisons The World Over offers a comprehensive overview of prison demographics and conditions for each of the following countries: United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa, India, China, Japan, and Australia. The book includes reports on the number of prisoners, the rate per population, the percent of female prisoners, the number of penal institutions and their occupancy level, and the number of privately run prisons Also reported are the offenses for which the inmates are interred, the average length of incarceration, the availability of parole, conditions in the prisons, the availability of educational and work programs, provisions for children of female prisoners, the availability and quality of medical care, the characteristics of the prison staff, the visitation rights of prisoners, and the presence and treatment of political prisoners.




Rita J. Simon is a professor in the School of Public Affairs and the Washington College of Law at American University. Christiaan De Waal works as an investigator and has a masters degree in international justice and terrorism from American University.

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Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 North America Chapter 3 1. Canada Chapter 4 2. United States Part 5 Latin America Chapter 6 3. Argentina Chapter 7 4. Brazil Part 8 Western Europe Chapter 9 5. Great Britain Chapter 10 6. France Chapter 11 7. Germany Chapter 12 8. Italy Chapter 13 9. Sweden Part 14 Eatern Europe Chapter 15 10. Poland Chapter 16 11. Russian Federation Chapter 17 12. Hungary Part 18 Middle East Chapter 19 13. Iran Chapter 20 14. Israel Chapter 21 15. Egypt Part 22 Africa Chapter 23 16. Nigeria Chapter 24 17. South Africa Part 25 Asia Chapter 26 18. India Chapter 27 19. China Chapter 28 20. Japan Part 29 Oceania Chapter 30 21. Australia Chapter 31 Concluding Remarks

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Prisons the World Over