Sports Law: Governance and Regulation, 3d

Sports Law: Governance and Regulation, 3d


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As a conflict ends and the parties begin working towards a durable peace, practitioners and peacebuilders are faced with the thrilling possibilities and challenges of building new or reformed political, security, judicial, social, and economic structures. This Handbook analyzes these elements of post-conflict state-building through the lens of international law, which provides a framework through which the authors contextualize and examine the many facets of state-building in relation to the legal norms, processes, and procedures that guide such efforts across the globe. The volume aims to provide not only an introduction to and explanation of prominent topics in state-building, but also a perceptive analysis that augments ongoing conversations among researchers, lawyers, and advocates engaged in the field.



Table of Contents

Introduction: The Various Facets of Statebuilding Paul R. Williams and Milena Sterio Part I: Political Infrastructure 1. Post-Conflict Constitution-Making Darin E.W. Johnson 2. Electoral Law and Electoral Reform Jonathan P. Worboys 3. Vetting the Public Sector Betsy Popken Part II: Social Infrastructure 4. Social Cohesion and Inclusivity Milena Sterio and Jessica C. Levy 5. Civil Society Margaux J. Day and Christopher D. Kreutzner 6. Free and Independent Media Paul R. Williams and Sophie Pearlman Part III: Security Infrastructure 7. Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Christopher M. Goebel and Jessica C. Levy 8. Security Sector Reform Robert M. Perito Part IV: Legacies of the Conflict 9. Transitional Justice Marieke de Hoon 10. Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Yvonne M. Dutton 11. Property Disputes and Restitution Sandra L. Hodgkinson 12. Reparations for Victims Brianne McGonigle Leyh Part V: Rule of Law 13. Judicial Reform and Rebuilding Jennifer Trahan 14. Human Rights Milena Sterio 15. Minority Protections Nikhil Narayan Part VI: Development 16. Humanitarian Action Elisabeth Dallas and Tyler Beckelman 17. Re-establishing and Reforming the Economy Sârra-Tilila Bounfour 18. Fiscal Arrangements Margaux J. Day Part VII: Case Studies 19. Guatemala: An Unfulfilled Promise Donald J. Planty 20. Brčko: Exemplar or Outlier? Andrew C. Mann 21. Kosovo: A Hybrid Negative Peace Gëzim Visoka 22. Afghanistan: Missteps in Reconstruction Richard Kraemer 23. Iraq: Seeking Stability after Saddam Darin E.W. Johnson 24. Libya: Unforeseen Complexities Roland Friedrich and Francesca Jannotti Pecci Index


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Sports Law: Governance and Regulation, 3d