Family Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions

Family Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions


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The Ninth Edition of this popular and manageably sized casebook retains the general structure of the prior edition, with its emphasis on practical skills, comparative material, and diverse geographic coverage. This edition features transformative updates in the field, such as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org., the 2017 Uniform Parentage Act, systemic critiques of the child welfare system, the Uniform Cohabitants’ Economic Remedies Act, and the regulation of assisted reproductive technologies.

The goal of this edition is to meet the needs of students preparing for the evolving practice of family law. Problems reflect current, diverse, and pluralistic family formation grounded squarely in supporting students acquiring “bread and butter” lawyering skills. The text invites students to consider the various skills now needed by a family law attorney, the emotional landscape facing many clients, the differing roles lawyers can play, the cultural competencies needed for practice, and the diverse skills needed to practice family law. These revisions support the trajectory shift toward professional-identity-formation in legal education and NextGen Bar.




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Family Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions