Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach, 4d

Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach, 4d


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A straightforward, up-to-date comprehensive administrative law casebook featuring 13 new Supreme Court decisions and hundreds of post-2010 notes, comments, references, and questions. Since 2010, the Court has been busy clarifying, expanding, modifying, and redefining fundamental components of administrative law. This new edition presents 13 of these cases and 200 other notes bringing students and faculty up-to-date in this dynamic field. Tucked within the core of the traditional curricular structure are King (the Affordable Care Act), Obergefell (same-sex marriage), Free Enterprise Fund (yet another case on presidential removal power), Canning (recess appointments), Mack Truck (good cause exception), Arlington (the capacity of agencies to define their authority), Stern (on non-Article III courts) and much more. The result is a readable and highly teachable casebook, coupled with hundreds of summary boxes and hypotheticals.



Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach, 4d