Evidence Law and Practice, 6d

Evidence Law and Practice, 6d


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This book breaks with tradition to provide both a theoretical and practical understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Under the principle that learning is most effective when it is both challenging and fun, the book includes numerous courtroom-based problems, both to facilitate the students’ theoretical understanding of the rules and to develop their ability to apply evidence rules in practice.

Evidence Law and Practice consistently provides examples, practice hints, explanations and illustrations in the form of mini-transcripts. Each chapter begins with a checklist of important questions to be addressed for each subject area, followed by the pertinent provisions of the Federal Rules of Evidence, a subject overview, illustrations, examples, and problems. While appellate court opinions are not the primary text of this eBook, the ways that judges discuss evidence rules are important and a useful basis for classroom discussions. Consequently, many chapters provide a "library" of important opinions. Features of the Third Edition include:
• Reorganized hearsay chapters, reflecting the U.S. Supreme Court's most recent Confrontation Clause rulings;
• Additional text and problems focusing on the role of evidence rules in pretrial procedures;
• "Practical tips" illustrating how advocates can use evidence rules effectively;
• Enhanced opportunities for classroom role-play exercises;
• Explanations of the latest amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence;
• Dramatic photo stills from courtroom films, and a variety of problems, including problems based on courtroom films (giving instructors the option to show the scenes on which the problems are based in class).





Evidence Law and Practice, 6d