v. (versus): Case Law, Concepts, and American Society


v. (versus): Case Law, Concepts, and American Society


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"v." represents "versus" which is found in legal case names, such as Marbury v. Madison and Roe v. Wade. The book "v." uses legal cases and documents to provide guidance as readers examine issues of law and their impact on society. The reverse is also explored, so that readers become aware of how society in turn influences the law. Rather than discussing law and legal concepts as they are interpreted by the author, the book excerpts both old and new case law, court transcripts, and other material to highlight legal issues that are pertinent today.

As law and society change over time, so too do the fields of law in which an attorney can practice. The unique opening chapter of this book examines animal law, a relatively new and rapidly growing legal field. The issues contained in this first chapter provide an entry point to the broader focus of the book: the law, an ever-changing society, and the relationship between the two. Vote totals for each Supreme Court case presented are also included, which encourage discussion on a particular issue's importance to society or the polarization of society on that issue.




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v. (versus): Case Law, Concepts, and American Society