A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act


A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act


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A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act provides a concise overview of the FTCA and its jurisprudence. The author is a seasoned professional who has spent many years litigating and managing FTCA issues at the Department of Justice. His approach is simple and straightforward, while being comprehensive in scope. The book serves as a ready reference for readers of all levels who are about to begin research on a variety of FTCA issues. Topics covered include: (1) The FTCA's waiver of sovereign immunity; (2) Procedures for presenting administrative tort claims and filing suit; (3) The protections the FTCA may provide to federal employees; (4) The FTCA's rules for damages; (5) Financial matters including attorney's fees, costs and interest; and (6) FTCA settlement processes and negotiations.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Sovereign Immunity & Enactment of the FTCA; Chapter 3: The Limited Nature of the FTCA’s Waiver of Sovereign Immunity: Chapter 4: Statutory Bars to FTCA Liability; Chapter 5: The Administrative Claims Process: Procedural Prerequisites to Making a Tort Claim; Chapter 6: Procedural Requirements in FTCA Litigation; Chapter 7: Government Employee Defendants & the FTCA; Chapter 8: Damages; Chapter 9: Source of Payment, Attorney’s Fees, Costs, & Interest; Chapter 10: Settlement


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A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act