State v. Peyton: Case File and Teaching Guide


State v. Peyton: Case File and Teaching Guide


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January 2016


In State v. Peyton, Taylor Addison suffered first and second degree burns when her parked vehicle was sideswiped, spilling coffee over her left hand. No vehicle stopped after the accident, but Addison claims she saw a car identifiable as Jordan Peyton's driving away from the scene. Peyton has pled not guilty to all charges and claims that she did not collide with Addison's car.This second edition of State v. Peyton adds social media evidence to a case that also provides student opportunities to consider criminal trial issues such as medical expert testimony, character evidence, bias impeachment, and much more.Author Elizabeth Boals has also created an extensive teaching manual to not only help the professor with testimony but to provide skill exercises in the rules of evidence, refreshing recollection, impeachment by omission and more.


National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA)

State v. Peyton: Case File and Teaching Guide