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Inclusive teaching is not just an aspirational goal. It is our ethical obligation to students. Our students can spend years dreaming of attending law school and working to achieve that goal. They can spend decades paying off the costs of attendance. Law faculty owe every student of all backgrounds, races, religions, genders, learning abilities, ages, socioeconomic statuses, immigration statuses, and military statuses an environment in which they feel like they belong and can thrive. WHAT INCLUSIVE INSTRUCTORS Do powerfully reminds us that inclusive teaching is not identified by obscenity law's "I know it when I see it" murkiness. Rather, it is something that can be learned, cultivated, and measured. WHAT INCLUSIVE INSTRUCTORS Do offers faculty the content, structure, and vision to develop more inclusive classrooms. This review previews the book's takeaways to both LRW courses and to all law teaching.


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