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In December 2017, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague closed, 25 years after it was set up by the United Nation's Security Council (UN sc) Resolution 827. That decision by the UN SC, primarily in response to the brutality of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), completely changed the landscape of international law. American legal scholar Diane Orentlicher, a seasoned observer of the ICTY, provides in this book the most detailed assessment of its record to date. Countless journal articles, books, documentaries and panels, in the former Yugoslavia, The Hague and elsewhere discussed the ICTY but only in recent years has 'impact' become the focus of attention. Arguably, that was a consequence of the growing realisation that the tribunal cannot possibly do all that its numerous supporters hoped for. Now, Orentlicher has published a book that explores that, in what is obviously a result of long-term immersion in the topic, and countless interviews over the years.



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