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Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law





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Over the last approximately fifteen years, the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) School of Law has developed a multifaceted set of courses, including interdisciplinary courses, pro bono clinics, and other programs and events relating to for-profit entrepreneurship and economic development, and social and civic entrepreneurship. This presentation will describe two recent interdisciplinary additions to these offerings-- the Law, Technology and Public Policy (LT&PP) course and the Entrepreneurial Urban Development (EUD) course. Both have strong elements of increased access to law and justice, with particular focus on presently disadvantaged and underrepresented individuals, groups, and communities. They significantly enhance the training of individuals to become effective community economic development and social justice advocates and facilitators. They deliver productive projects-based learning through multidisciplinary teamwork among faculty, students, and government officials and/or community activists, grounded in design thinking, and embracing the emphasis on empathy and constructing solutions responsive to the needs of various stakeholders that design thinking entails.



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