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January 2016

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This article reports the results of the Survey of Law Student Well-Being (SLSWB) implemented in spring 2014 at fifteen law schools around the country. The SLSWB is the fi rst multischool study in over twenty years to address law student use of alcohol and street drugs, and the fi rst-ever multischool study to explore prescription drug use and the mental health concerns and helpseeking attitudes of law students. The results of the study indicate that roughly one-quarter to one-third of respondents reported frequent binge drinking or misuse of drugs, and/or reported mental health challenges. Moreover, the results indicated that signifi cant majorities of those law students most in need of help are reluctant to seek it. The article concludes by discussing how law school administrators and other relevant leaders within the legal academy and legal profession can promote and improve wellness so that law students are better-positioned to fi nd success as law students and to serve their future clients well as lawyers

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