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October 1978

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Introduction: On November 25, 1976, the United States and Mexico concluded a bilateral treaty providing for reciprocal prisoner exchange, so that a national of one party to the agreement could complete his sentence in his home country.' The objectives of the agreement essentially were twofold: first, there was a need to ameliorate relations with Mexico on the delicate matter of the abuse of American citizens confined in Mexican prisons; second, there was a strong desire to alleviate special hardships, such as those respecting living conditions and prospects for rehabilitation, resulting from imprisonment in a foreign country. The Treaty was ratified unanimously by the Senate on July 21, 1977, and enabling legislation was approved by Congress and signed into law on October 31, 1977. The Treaty became effective one month later, and in December 1977 the first group of prisoners was transferred from Mexico to the United States. … In this Article, the author, though recognizing that the feminine gender is equally appropriate, uses the masculine gender for personal pronouns. This convention is adopted for the purposes of style and consistency.