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INTRODUCTION: When I began teaching in 1981, I was assigned two separate Remedies courses to teach during the fall: Equitable Remedies and Legal and Extraordinary Remedies. For the Equitable course, I chose the text Leavell, Love & Nelson, Equitable Remedies, Restitution and Damages (3d ed. 1980) and for the Legal and Extraordinary course, York and Bauman, Remedies (3d ed. 1979). I was not sure what "extraordinary remedies" were if they were not equitable remedies, so I assumed they must be this topic called restitution. Of course, most people refer to equitable remedies as the extraordinary ones, and my two Remedies courses were shortly thereafter combined into one, called, unsurprisingly, Remedies. Ever since then, however, the topic of restitution has intrigued me.