Editor-in-Chief: David McGee
Managing Editor: Krista Ellis
Executive Editor: Hannah Roberts
Symposium Editor: Alex Pierson
Senior Note & Comment Editor: Carly Nuttall
Digital Media Outreach Editor: Marissa Ditkowsky
Senior Article Editor: Alicia Martinez
Senior Article Editor: Taylor Sweet

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The American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law, founded in 1992, provides a forum for those interested in gender issues and feminist legal studies. In 1998, the Journal expanded its mission to include social policy as well as gender issues. Our current approach reflects our intent to fill a void in legal scholarship by providing an opportunity for academic discussion that is otherwise overlooked by traditional journals. By focusing on gender and social policy issues, we are committed to creating a dialogue among disparate social, economic, and gender groups in order to find our common humanity under the law.

Current Issue: Volume 28, Issue 3 (2020)