Volume 5, Issue 1 (2013)

Editor's Welcome

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to present the first issue of Volume 5 of the Legislation & Policy Brief. This issue takes a close look at our privacy, our federalist system, and our changing views on punishment. The Brief strives to publish articles of current relevance and sound analysis. The Brief also seeks to add to the debate by presenting a variety of views and opinions. We invite our readers to examine the issues and the author’s ideas critically.

Over the past year, the Legislation & Policy Brief has grown tremendously. The Brief has expanded its involvement within the greater Washington, DC area. In addition to delivering copies of the Brief to Capitol Hill offices, the Brief continues to expand its online presence through the blog, which can be found at legislationandpolicy.com, and through the website, which can be found at digitalcommons.wcl.american.edu/lpb/. Additionally, the Brief is now available on HeinOnline.

Please visit our website for information regarding our recent, dynamic symposium “Campaign Finance and Citizens United.” We will be holding another symposium with the Criminal Law Brief this spring: “Fourth Amendment in the Modern Age: Dog Sniffs, Stop and Frisks.” Please join us!

Finally, I want to thank the authors for their diligence and hard work. It has been a pleasure working with each of you. Many thanks to the entire Legislation & Policy Brief team for their dedication, professionalism, and perseverance. Lastly, special thanks to Professors Jamin Raskin and William Yeomans for their continuing guidance and support.

Very truly yours,

Nicole Winters-Brown


LPB Issue 5.1 - Winter 2013
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