Ryan Schmidt

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A wave of euphoria swept across Nigeria when Muhamadu Bihari was declared victory of the 2015 presidential election. Although Mr. Buhari remains a controversial figure today, originally gaining his power in December 1983 via military coup, in April 2015 the citizens of Nigeria enthusiastically elected him to retake the reins as the country's next president. Mr. Buhari faces a seemingly insurmountable number of challenges, as he will attempt to steer Africa's wealthiest country away from disaster. Mr. Buhari will inherit an economy that is extremely dependent on oil revenue and a market system that has enabled only a small minority of Nigerians to become extremely wealthy but left a majority of Nigerians, most notably in the northern part of the country, impecunious. This extreme economic imbalance is the main culprit to blame for terrorist organization Boko Haram's inevitable rise to power and its ultimate prevalence throughout northern Nigeria.