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Administrative Law Review (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

ISSN 0001-8368

The Administrative Law Review (ALR) is published four times annually by the students of the Washington College of Law in conjunction with the American Bar Association's Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. The ALR strives to develop legal research and writing skills of students while publishing articles that serve both practitioners and academicians. Each issue is a nexus of theory and practice containing articles by practicing lawyers, judges, and academicians. The ALR contains student comments and casenotes on administrative law issues. In addition, the ALR regularly publishes symposia, conferences, and meetings on current topics in administrative law.

American University Business Law Review (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The American University Business Law Review (AUBLR) is a student-run publication that provides cutting-edge legal analysis for the business law community. The AUBLR is the first law review in D.C. dedicated solely to business issues. The AUBLR publishes fall and spring issues that include scholarly articles, case law analysis, and coverage of developing trends in a variety of areas, such as financial regulation, international trade, antitrust, communications, healthcare, and energy. We welcome articles submitted by academics, practitioners, and law students. Additionally, the AUBLR hosts an annual symposium with leading academics and practitioners that focuses on a current, pertinent topic in business law.

American University Criminal Law Brief (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The American University Criminal Law Brief, created in 2005, is a journal dedicated to the complex and constantly evolving world of the criminal justice system. Our audience includes judges and practicing attorneys, students with a strong interest in criminal law, and professors of varied criminal law disciplines. We are dedicated to an open and balanced dialogue on all aspects of criminal law representing all possible perspectives. The Brief is distributed to federal, state, and local government agencies, courts, law firms, and law schools throughout the country.

American University International Law Review (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)


The American University International Law Review publishes articles, critical essays, comments, and casenotes on a wide variety of international law topics, including public and private international law, the law of international organizations, international trade law, international arbitration, and international human rights. AUILR also publishes pieces on topics of foreign and comparative law that are of particular interest to the international legal community.

American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law, founded in 1992, provides a forum for those interested in gender issues and feminist legal studies. In 1998, the Journal expanded its mission to include social policy as well as gender issues. Our current approach reflects our intent to fill a void in legal scholarship by providing an opportunity for academic discussion that is otherwise overlooked by traditional journals. By focusing on gender and social policy issues, we are committed to creating a dialogue among disparate social, economic, and gender groups in order to find our common humanity under the law.

American University Law Review (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

Founded in 1952, the American University Law Review is the oldest and largest student-run publication at the Washington College of Law and publishes six issues each year. The Law Review is consistently ranked among the top fifty law journals in the nation and is the most-cited journal at WCL, according to the Washington and Lee University Law Library.

The Law Review receives approximately 2,500 submissions annually and publishes a wide range of legal scholarship from professors, judges, practicing lawyers, and renowned legal thinkers. The Law Review has published articles or commentary by Supreme Court Chief Justices Warren Burger, William Rehnquist, and Earl Warren, as well as Associate Justices Hugo Black, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Arthur Goldberg. The Law Review has also published articles or commentary by prominent legal figures such as Stephen Bright, Paul Butler, Erwin Chemerinsky, Tom Goldstein, Paul Kamenar, Judge Paul Michel, Judge Stephen Reinhardt, Nadine Strossen, and Laurence Tribe.

The Law Review is the only journal in the nation to publish an annual issue dedicated to decisions of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit regarding patent law, international trade, government contracts, veterans affairs, and trademark law. A member of the National Conference of International Law Journals, the Law Review is also indexed in LexisNexis, Westlaw, HeinOnline, the Index to Legal Periodicals, and the Resource Index/Current Law Index. Each edition of the Law Review is distributed nationally and abroad to law school libraries, private law firms, public legal organizations, and individual subscribers.

American University National Security Law Brief (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

Founded in April 2009, the American University American University National Security Law Brief (Brief) is the nation’s first student-run law school publication to focus on the ever-growing field of national security law. The Brief is a biannual print publication featuring journal-length, academic legal articles analyzing all aspects of United States national security law, from traditional security issues such as counterterrorism, intelligence collection, and nuclear proliferation, to cutting-edge developments related to soft power and cybersecurity. The Brief also has an extensive online component, featuring student-written pieces on current topics as well as focus pieces from noted national security law practitioners and academics. Given its location in Washington, DC and its growing relationship with the legal community, the Brief serves as an ideal platform for innovative ideas in national security law.

Arbitration Brief

The Arbitration Brief covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from domestic employment arbitration to international investment disputes.

Criminal Law Practitioner

Introductory text for Criminal Law Practitioner.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Health Law and Policy Brief

Now in production for Volume 7.2, the Health Law and Policy Brief is a print and online publication run by law students at American University Washington College of Law. The Health Law & Policy Brief invites original paper submissions for the Fall 2013 issue (Volume 7, Issue II). For additional information, please contact us at

Human Rights Brief (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The Human Rights Brief is a student-run publication at American University Washington College of Law (WCL). Founded in 1994 as a publication of the school’s Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the publication has approximately 4,000 subscribers in over 130 countries.

Intellectual Property Brief (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The Intellectual Property Brief (“IP Brief”) provides an opportunity for law students, professors, practitioners, and anyone interested in intellectual property law to discuss and learn about substantive IP issues. The IP Brief features daily blog posts from a team of student writers; frequent student-written columns about recent IP-related issues, case updates, and events; and IP law articles from student writers and outside submissions on a semesterly publication cycle.

Labor & Employment Law Forum (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The American University Labor & Employment Law Forum is one of only three student-edited publications that is dedicated exclusively to the topics of Labor and Employment Law.

Legislation and Policy Brief (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The Legislation and Policy Brief ("LPB") is the legislative-based legal publication of the Washington College of Law.

LPB publishes a book twice a year, conducts dynamic panel discussions, and hosts an online blog providing non-partisan legal analysis of current legislation and policy issues before federal and state legislatures. LPB articles cover a wide range of legislative areas and tend to be heavy on legislative history and analysis.

Sustainable Development Law & Policy (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

Sustainable Development Law & Policy journal is a student-run initiative at American University Washington College of Law that focuses on reconciling the tensions between environmental sustainability, economic development, and human welfare. The SDLP journal embraces an interdisciplinary approach to provide a fuller view of current legal, political, and social developments. Our mission is to serve as a valuable resource for practitioners, policy makers, and concerned citizens promoting sustainable development throughout the world.

The Modern American (Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews)

The Modern American is American University Washington College of Law’s scholarly publication dedicated to diversity and the law. TMA is a student-run publication founded in 2004. The Modern American is a name that conveys the nation’s evolution as an increasingly diverse and complex place that is experiencing tremendous change, both exciting and frightening, in the era of twenty-first century politics.

TMA is proud to announce that the Summer 2013 Volume 9 Issue 1 is now available online.