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Amicus Brief

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Amici seek to provide this Court with insight into the adverse effects on medical care and innovation that gene patents cause. These adverse effects could and should have been avoided, because genetic sequence and correlation patents – including all of the Myriad patents at issue – are not patentable inventions. These patents should never have been granted, and are not needed to create incentives for innovation.

The Myriad patents on breast cancer genes, mutations, and correlations between mutations and disease have a direct, severe, and adverse impact on members of the Amici medical organizations and all humanity. Myriad’s announced intention to aggressively enforce its patents to foreclose other diagnostic, treatment and research options deter the Amici health care professionals and researchers from providing appropriate medical care and diagnostic services. Myriad’s patents also preclude research into better medical treatments and technologies by precluding clinical activities that would lead to additional discoveries. Myriad’s patents, and other genetic sequence and biological correlation patents like them, cast a chill on important health care practices and on innovation.