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Amicus Brief

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Illumina, Inc. & Grail, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission


Amici curiae are administrative law scholars from universities around the United States.

They are: • William D. Araiza, Professor of Law and Dean of Brooklyn Law School; • Blake Emerson, Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law; • Jeffrey Lubbers, Professor of Practice in Administrative Law at American University Washington College of Law; • Todd Phillips, Assistant Professor of Business Law at Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business; and • Beau Baumann, Doctoral candidate at Yale Law School.

Amici have a strong interest in how the Court’s decision will affect the field of administrative law and the enforcement of properly issued regulations and statutes. Amici seek to assist this Court in resolving questions of law that go to the core of their professional expertise and scholarship, namely the application of the nondelegation doctrine to statutory structures that provide agencies with multiple avenues for enforcement.