Han Lee ’14 and Professor Ken Jacobsen Launch Firm to Assist Asian Baseball Players Transition to MLB

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January 2014


Temple Law student Han Lee ’14 has partnered with sports law Professor Ken Jacobsen and former Temple Law Professor N. Jeremi Duru to form Global Sporting Integration (GSI). GSI’s mission, as described by Han in the Philadelphia Business Journal, is “to ease the transition process for professional athletes from abroad while playing their sports in the United States.” While the group’s initial focus is on baseball players transitioning between the major leagues in the U.S. and Asia, Professor Duru explained in an interview with sports law blogThe Legal Blitz that they see a need for their services in, for example, American football as well: “In the end, all of these teams – baseball clubs and football clubs – are businesses, and they strive to be the best. And the umbrella organizations, Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL), both want to grow their respective sports. The similarities are substantial. In both contexts, if you have an idea that will help organizations attain their goals, folks will listen to what you have to say.”

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