Understanding Crypto 10: Prof. Hilary Allen: DeFi: Shadow Banking 2.0?

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Hilary J. Allen is a Professor at the American University Washington College of Law, where she teaches courses in corporate law and financial regulation. She has published numerous articles on fintech and financial stability regulation in academic journals and the popular press. Prior to entering academia, Professor Allen spent seven years working in the financial services groups of prominent law firms in London, Sydney, and New York; and in 2010, she worked with the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission appointed by Congress to study the causes of the financial crisis of 2008.

There is a lot of hype surrounding cryptocurrencies and DeFi technology, with excitement around the potential innovations they offer financial systems. Often lacking in the discussion is an objective and critically informed viewpoint, leading to confusion and misunderstanding. In today’s conversation, we get the balanced perspective that we need with Professor Hilary Allen, who has a wealth of experience in banking, law, financial regulation, corporate finance, and business administration. She is a law professor at the American University of Washington College of Law and her research focuses on the impact of new financial technologies on the stability of the current finance system. She has written many academic papers on the subject, including the book Driverless Finance, which provides readers with a balanced perspective on the opportunities and threats of fintech innovations. In our candid and fascinating conversation with Professor Allen, we learn about the threats and opportunities DeFi technologies pose to the financial system. We hear what shadow banking is, the similarities that decentralized finance has with shadow banking, the risks of cryptocurrencies, if innovation in finance is always positive, why regulation is essential, whether DeFi is actually decentralized, the basics of stablecoins, how you can help affect change in the financial system, if you should invest in cryptocurrencies, and much more. Tune in to get the clarity you need about the world of crypto with expert Professor Hilary Allen!

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