The Great Net Neutrality Debate: Should the FCC Ban Paid Prioritization?

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November 2014

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TechFreedom; the New America Foundation; Progressive Policy Institute; the Heritage Foundation


Everyone wants a “free and open Internet.” But for a decade, a debate has raged over what, exactly, this means. There’s broad policy consensus about transparency and no-blocking rules, but experts differ on whether paid prioritization can be good for consumers. Should the FCC ban paid prioritization, or merely police it? What authority, if any, should the FCC use? Should the FCC “reclassify” broadband as a Title II common carrier service, regulate broadband under Title I using the powers it has claimed under Section 706, or await further Congressional instructions?On Thursday, 11/20, TechFreedom, the New America Foundation, Progressive Policy Institute and the Heritage Foundation hosted a lunch and debate on net neutrality with leading experts in tech policy. Please see the top of this post to watch the full video.Feel free to email media@techfreedom.org if you have any questions.

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