Technology, Health, Trust and Social Justice in the NFL

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October 2020

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14th Annual Virtual Body Computing Conference by USC Center for Body Computing


It has never been more important to get the people together that are shaping the new healthcare. Because of COVID-19, everyone has been thrust into new roles. Medical and technology companies have had to create new products and business models, physicians are now working virtually, athletes have become medical test subjects, drug trials have been accelerated, and regulators and policymakers have come under scrutiny for uneven regulation and policies. Almost overnight we have entered a new era in healthcare. The USC Center for Body Computing is a worldwide leader in research in connected devices, virtual care, military and athletic human performance, and digital clinical trials. We have been bringing together thought leaders for more than a dozen years, and we have never seen such a major shift in healthcare, human performance, and medical research. At this year’s conference we will help you learn how to navigate the new normal (and future) through interviews with key industry, policy and thought leaders. We will discuss the enabling cultures, technologies and policies that could allow us to transform healthcare into “Lifecare” in which healthcare is optimized in a myriad of ways through technologies, healthcare policies, and a better care model for everyone.

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