[Panel] Disability Inclusion in the Legal Profession

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The Third Annual Digital Accessibility Legal Summit

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American University Washington College of Law


Over the last decade, the number of lawsuits relating to digital accessibility has steadily increased. The law profession had itself been, in many ways, a mirror of the widespread accessibility problems that were the basis of many legal actions. In the two prior Digital Accessibility Legal Summit events, our keynote speakers were/are disabled lawyers (Howard Rosenblum, CEO of the National Association of the Deaf, and Deepa Goraya, a blind lawyer with Disability Rights Maryland). Both told how difficult it had been to succeed in their education with so many barriers (and one even had to sue to be able to take accessible examinations). Our keynote speakers also relayed that the current practice of law is still beset by barriers. But, the profession is indeed changing, and becoming much more inclusive with each passing year. In this session, four experts working in the legal field will introduce and discuss continuing work to make the legal education system and the legal profession more inclusive to people with disabilities.

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