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Editor's Note


Dear Readers,

This issue is a celebration of Sustainable Development Law & Policy Brief’s (SDLP’s) twentieth anniversary. It has been a privilege to oversee SDLP during this tumultuous time. Now more than ever, we need to focus on global ramifications of the human environment. Over the past twenty years, SDLP has discussed developing theories in international environmental law. While we are living in strange times, SDLP continues to be a place to discuss how humans interact with the environment.

For this issue, we are celebrating twenty years by publishing articles and features that look at where the law of sustainable development is and where it is going. Professor David Hunter, who has been with SDLP since its inception, writes a look[ back at the past twenty years of developments in international environmental law By reviewing how the law has changed over the course of two decades, we can predict where the law needs to go to meet the challenges of decades to come.

Our other articles provide insights into how modern environmental challenges will stretch North American federalism. The view from Canada shows how Arctic governance is changing with the melting of the northern polar ice cap and how indigenous populations are playing a key role in the new Arctic policies. The view from the United States explores the intersection between federalism, copyright law, and enforcement of the Clean Air Act. Both views illustrate how the federalist models of Canada and the United States are being confronted by new realities and technologies.

We would like to thank all the article and feature authors for their insights and thoughtful analysis of legal issues. We would also like to thank the professors, e-board, staff, and publisher of SDLP for making this publication possible. Finally, we would like to thank our readers, whose involvement and investment in SDLP is the reason that we have been able to create this publication for twenty years.

Cheers to twenty more great years!