Dear Readers,

The Sustainable Development Law & Policy Brief (SDLP) is celebrating twenty-one years of legal scholarship on issues related to environmental, energy, and international development law. We are honored to be the Editors-in-Chief at this pivotal moment in SDLP’s history. Over the past twenty one years, SDLP has addressed cutting-edge legal issues developing within international environmental law. This year is no different, as the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted our communities, we rose to the challenge to continue to publish articles that push the limits of legal theory and policy, while giving a space for students to be involved in the conversation.

This issue discusses environmental law with a 360 degree lens. We handpicked articles that ran the gamut from the fashion industry, to commercial fishing, to air conditioning units, and international wildlife trade. These articles show the wide-depth that is environmental law. We believed it to be important to showcase how environmental law can touch multiple industries and have a globalized impact with implications for decades to come. Our first article demonstrates the critical importance that air conditioning will have as the world warms. Our second article is an eye-opening look at the international illegal wildlife trade. Our features show how industries play a fundamental part in resource extraction and how legislation and progressive advocacy need to work together with industry to make development sustainable for decades to come. We hope that this issue makes you think twice about every product you buy and every company you support. We would like to thank all the article and feature authors for their insights and dedication to raising important legal issues.

We would also like to thank the professors, e-board, staff, and publisher of SDLP for making this publication possible. SDLP is a team endeavor, so everyone’s effort is so appreciated. Finally, we would like to thank our readers, whose involvement and investment in SDLP are the reasons that we have been able to create this publication for twenty one years.