Dave Newman


This paper analyzes the development of the wind industry in the United States and the policies and programs that have been used to spur its growth. Section One discusses the economic and environmental benefits of wind energy today and tracks its recent growth within the U.S. and around the world. Section Two identifies and explains many of the obstacles to growth, including price distortions, discriminatory transmission policies, infrastructure limitations, and local opposition. Section Three includes a discussion of the federal and state incentives in place today and analyzes their impact on wind energy development throughout the country. Section Four provides case studies of several states that have led the way in promoting and developing their wind energy resources. Finally, Section Five presents policy recommendations to maximize wind energy growth in the future.

Recommended Citation

Newman, Dave. "Empowering the Wind: Overcoming Obstacles to Wind Energy Development in the United States." Sustainable Development Law and Policy, Summer/Fall 2003, 5-20.