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This comment studies international water law, specifically between Jordan and Israel, by detailing the complex history of Jordan and Israel. The comment analyzes the unique progression of previously feuding states, specifically Jordan and Israel, and looks to a hopeful future. Potential solutions will require an abundance of creativity and cooperation, something historically challenging for the Jordan River Basin region, but which is arguably possible with shared goals and understandings of the inescapable impact of climate change on the Jordan River Basin. Further, this comment hopes to shed light on a more sustainable future that can inspire the international community as an example of potential transboundary environmental cooperation and sustainability.

This comment will first cover background of water law between Jordan and Israel, including the geopolitical context because water law is insufficient if complex regional issues are not considered. Then analyze the relationship between Jordan and Israel that supports cooperation, despite their tumultuous past. Finally, it will recommend both multilateral and unilateral solutions to stabilizing Jordan’s water crisis.