The Legal Writing Competition Winners Series heralds Washington College of Law students who submitted winning essays to national and regional law student writing contests. They have either placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, or received honorable mention. As a service to students, the Pence Law Library maintains the school’s legal writing contests website.


Submissions from 2020


Do You Really Know What Happened to Psy?: Controversial South Korean Music Censorship, Min-soo "Minee" Roh

Submissions from 2010


An Analysis of South Africa’s Mental Health Legislation, Natalie Latoya McCrea

Submissions from 2009


Prisons Must Cease Re-Traumatizing Women: A Call for Gender-Responsive Programs that End the Cycle of Abuse, Sally Abrahamson


Risk as a Relevant Factor in Determining the Fair Market Value of Donated Antiquities, Gillianne Arguello