The Faculty Works Working Papers Series presents the working papers and abstracts deposited by Washington College of Law faculty in the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). SSRN holds scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers of authors to encourage early distribution of research results.


Submissions from 1998


Market power and the cross-industry behavior of prices around a business cycle trough, Jonathan Baker and Peter Woodward

Submissions from 1990

Asymmetric Oligopoly Behavior in the Aluminum Industry Around a Business Cycle Trough, Jonathan Baker

Raising Rivals' Wages in the Postwar Automobile Industry, Jonathan Baker

Submissions from 1988

When is Conservation Better than Generation?, Jonathan Baker

Submissions from 1987

The Simple Empirics of Strategic Instruments, Jonathan Baker


Why Price Correlations Don't Define Antitrust Markets: On Econometric Algorithms for Market Definition, Jonathan Baker

Submissions from 1978

The Effect of a Shopping Mall on Regional Retail Sales: An Econometric Analysis, Jonathan Baker