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Panel Discussion from Fourth National People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference, Hosted at the American University Washington College of Law:

[Audrey McFarlane] Alright, good morning everyone, thank you for joining us. This is the race, space, and democracy panel, locally based strategies for

development. Right now we have with us, me. I'm Audrey McFarlane. I'm a professor at the University of Baltimore. We also have Erika Wilson, who is a professor at the University of North Carolina. I'm going to dispense with the long bios, and commend you to the program guide for the long bios. Suffice it to say, that everybody on this panel is extremely distinguished.. and now I feel bad because I [feel I] should explain in more detail. And then we have Ezra Rosser, who's a professor at Washington College of Law. And we have Alexandre, who is an outgoing professor, University of Mississippi, and the incoming dean at Stetson School of Law.



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