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About This Journal

The Health Law & Policy Brief is a bi-annual publication at American University Washington College of Law that focuses on the emerging issues of health law, both domestically and internationally. Founded in 2007, the Health Law & Policy Brief publishes articles on a wide array of cutting-edge topics in the area of health law. Such topics include health care fraud and abuse enforcement, health insurance payment and reimbursement issues, public health law issues, intellectual property issues, international human rights issues, FDA initiatives and policies, and a host of other matters.

In 2012, the Washington College of Law, the Health Law & Policy Brief and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), a regional office of the World Health Organization, began a cooperative relationship to promote human rights and highlight significant international health disparities affecting marginalized groups. In addition, since 2011, the Health Law & Policy Brief has been part of the American Health Lawyers Association’s School Alliance program, increasing the reach of the publication to over 10,000 members of the association.

The intended audience for this publication includes persons in academia and practitioners of health law. Our current readership consists of individuals and institutions; including, but not limited to, state and federal government offices, law libraries, law offices, and non-profit organizations.