About This Journal

The Legislation & Policy Brief was founded in 2008 as the Legislation and Policy Roundtable by Tiana Butcher, Lauren Gilius, and Elizabeth Chernow. The goal of the Roundtable was to provide a legal analysis of current legislative initiatives and policies through an entirely electronic publication and to encourage meaningful debate through the "Roundtable Live" panel series. Initial articles had a specific theme, the first of which was on Election Law. That issue was accompanied by a panel focusing on disenfranchisement and fraud in the 2008 Elections.

The Legislation & Policy Brief took its current name in 2009. It has continued the legacy of the Roundtable by publishing an issue once a semester, and by hosting a forum at least once a semester.

In 2011, the Brief started its own online blog, located at www.legislationandpolicy.com, to provide readers and staff members the ability to discuss a greater diversity of current issues.

The Legislation & Policy Brief can be contacted at AULPB@wcl.american.edu