Volume 1, Issue 2 (2009) Spring 2009 - An Economy in Crisis: What Can Be Done?

Editor's Welcome - April 13, 2009

Dear Readers,

The current economic crisis changed the way we perceive our economy. Consumers, who once had seemingly endless pockets, found their credit limits and companies, which were once giants of industry, are now asking for government bailouts. In response to the crisis, the government took over financial institutions, ousted the CEO of a public company and considered giving bankruptcy judges the ability to change the terms of a mortgage contract unilaterally. Essentially, the tenets of our economy are up for debate.

Why did the economy falter and what will get it back on track? In this issue, authors consider the potential causes of this crisis and discuss important measures for rebuilding the economy. Authors express the need to hold actors, who abused their authority, accountable. They suggest structuring the tax laws to give consumers and businesses immediate access to funds and using the crisis as an opportunity to invest in innovation. The broad range of suggestions indicates that the crisis cannot easily be resolved, however we hope this publication contributes to the ongoing dialogue of potential solutions.

On March 30th, the Legislation & Policy Roundtable hosted a Roundtable Live panel discussion on changes in corporate regulation entitled “Picking Up the Pieces: Economic Policy in the New Administration.” We invite you to watch the podcast of this fascinating debate on the Washington College of Law website.

Thank you for your interest in the Legislation and Policy Roundtable.


Tiana Butcher


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