Symposium 2011

Announcing The Modern American's Sixth Annual Founders' Day Symposium

Minority Majority: The Social and Legal Implications of a Post-White America

Register at: http://www.wcl.american.edu/secle/founders/2011/20110323a.cfm

March 23, 2011, 6 - 8pm, American University Washington College of Law

Minorities are expected to become the majority in America by the year 2050, ending nearly 300 years of a white majority. How have societies dealt with such changes throughout history, and how will Americans react to this change? Does recent backlash, such as elements of the Tea Party Movement, indicate growing recognition of, and resistance to, this reality? Or does election of President Obama and the appointment of Justice Sotomayor indicate that the American people have already begun to accept this inevitability? Finally, will the constitutional and statutory protections set in place to protect minorities continue to be relevant in a Minority Majority America?

Interested speakers, commentary or blog contributors should contact johnrogos@gmail.com for further details.