The Popular Media Series present works of Washington College of Law faculty and staff that have appeared in the popular media, e.g., articles and letters to the editor printed in newspapers and magazines, television and radio interviews, etc..


Submissions from 2004

Judgeship Nominees - Twisting the Law on Interrogating Detainees, Herman Schwartz

Looking for His Next Job?, Herman Schwartz

Close to Home: Case Studies of Human Rights Work in the United States, Brenda V. Smith

Facing Prison Rape, Brenda V. Smith

Violated, Brenda V. Smith

Submissions from 2003


Who Owns the Rules of War? The War in Iraq Demands a Rethinking of the International Rules of Conduct, Kenneth Anderson


Opinion: Pondering Nightclub Nightmares, Ira Robbins

discussing issues facing women in prison, Brenda V. Smith

Submissions from 2002


Looking for Ways to Make Deregulation Keep Its Promises, Jonathan Baker, James Poterba, Louis Uchitelle, Severin Borenstein, Lawrence White, Eli Noam, and George Akerlof

These Secret Tribunals Ignore Due Process, Herman Schwartz

Accepting Corporate Responsibility, Brenda V. Smith

discussing lack of dialogue in mid-term elections on crime and gun control, Brenda V. Smith


Yates Trial, Brenda V. Smith and Elyn Saks


Girls Sentenced to Abuse, Brenda V. Smith and Amy Singer

Submissions from 2000


The Rise of Authoritarianism and Our Crackpot Culture, Kenneth Anderson

Symposium on “The Microsoft Verdict: The Next Phase”, Jonathan Baker

Debates, Brenda V. Smith


Violent Lives and a Violent Death, Brenda V. Smith and Neely Tucker

Submissions from 1998

USIA on Corruption in the Judiciary, Padideh Ala'i


First in the Field: The Unique Mission and Legitimacy of the Red Cross in a Culture of Legality, Kenneth Anderson


Judge Wright and Her Husband's Advice, Ira Robbins


O'Connor as a Centrist? Not When Minorities Are Involved, Herman Schwartz

critiquing trial decision relating to sexual misconduct in prison, Brenda V. Smith

discussing legal and policy implications of shackling pregnant prisoners, Brenda V. Smith

discussing sexual misconduct in prison and new publication, Brenda V. Smith

Women in Prison, Brenda V. Smith


A Sorry State of Affairs: The Repentance Consensus - Apologies aren't Necessary, but a Change of Heart is, Brenda V. Smith and Elizabeth Kastor

Submissions from 1997

No Hard Questions on Private Prisons, Ira Robbins

Population of Female Inmates Reaches a Record, Brenda V. Smith

Project Aims to Change Corrections’ Approach Toward Female Inmates, Brenda V. Smith

Teaching for Change, Brenda V. Smith

Tough Terms for Women Lead to US Prison Crisis, Brenda V. Smith

Rights Groups Fault Va. Decision Not to Free Inmate for Abortion, Brenda V. Smith and Maria Glod


Getting the Treatment, Brenda V. Smith and Stephanie Mencimer

Submissions from 1996


Try Them in Absentia, Herman Schwartz and Lloyd Cutler

Submissions from 1995


Clearing the Fields: Solutions to the Global Land Mines Crisis, Kenneth Anderson

Submissions from 1983

How Do We Know FISA is Working?, Herman Schwartz