Faculty Presentations collects presentations given by Washington College of Law faculty and staff. These presentations may include speeches given at conferences, podcasts of summits, debates, panel discussions, workshops, and so on.


Submissions from 2021


NFL General Mangers Panel, N. Jeremi Duru

Racial Diversity in NFL Coaching, N. Jeremi Duru


Take a Knee: How Athletes Focused Attention on Race in Sport and the Reaction of Corporate America, N. Jeremi Duru

Understanding the NFL’s Rooney Rule, N. Jeremi Duru


Legal Action & NFL Owners: The Path to Equity for Head Coach Hiring, N. Jeremi Duru, Carl E. Douglas, Melissa S. Woods, Kenneth Shropshire, and William C. Rhoden


Panel 3: Diversity in the Sports Industry presented in association with the UT Austin Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, N. Jeremi Duru, Darren D. Kelly, Swin Cash-Canal, Samantha Rapaport, and LaToya Smith


GSM Live: How the NFL Moves Forward, N. Jeremi Duru, Doug Williams, Ray Anderson, Rachel Lofton, Esé Ighedosa, Jim Rooney, and Kenneth Shropshire


Brand New World (Parallel Session 1.B. - Trademarks), Christine Farley


Fine Wine and Fair Wine: An Unfair Competition Approach to GI Protection, Christine Farley


Mid-Century Modern Design Protection, Christine Farley


Opening - Welcome and Instructions, Christine Farley, Irene Calboli, Jorge Contreras, and J. Glynn Lunney


Plenary Session 2 - The Impact of “Impact” in IP Scholarship: Citations, Downloads and Why We (Should/Don’t) Care, Christine Farley, Gregory N. Mandel, Leah Chan Grinvald, Kimberlee Weatherall, and Paul Heald


Trademark Issues in the Cannabis Industry under U.S. Law (Cannabis, Recreational Use), Christine Farley, Erik Ponce, Rachel Santarlas, and Zara Snapp

PREA Legal Landscape Series: Part 1 - Prisoner Litigation, Brenda V. Smith

PREA Legal Landscape Series: Part 2 - Employment Litigation, Brenda V. Smith

Section on Clinical Legal Education, Community Economic Development and Property Law Joint Program: Works in Progress, Brenda V. Smith, Priya Baskaran, Tamar Ezer, Laurie Hauber, Norrinda Hayat, Daniel Pasciuti, Peter Pitegoff, Lauren Sudeall, Eric Tars, Kim Vu-Dinh, and Brandon M. Weiss


Seizing the Moment and Supporting the Movement: Defund the Police & Feminist Theory and Practice, Brenda V. Smith, Sheila Bedi, Zina Makar, and Josephine Ross

Feminist Voices on Policing of Men, Women and Youth, Brenda V. Smith, Bennett Capers, and Aya Gruber

Submissions from 2020


Experimental Strategies for Regulating Fintech, Rethinking Innovation Policy: The Role of the State, Hilary Allen

Fintech Startups and Incumbent Players: Policy Challenges and Opportunities, Hilary Allen

Payment Failure, Hilary Allen

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Hilary Allen

Patent Definiteness, Patent Claim Construction, and Real Property Deeds, Jonas Anderson

Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports, N. Jeremi Duru

Exploring Anti-Racist Athlete Activism, N. Jeremi Duru


Influential Athletes Using their Platform for Social Justice and Racial Equality, N. Jeremi Duru


Jim Rooney, Pittsburgh Steelers & N. Jeremi Duru, Fritz Pollard Alliance and American Universit‪y‬, N. Jeremi Duru

Panelist, Champions of Change, N. Jeremi Duru

Panelist, Leveling the Playing Field: Why Black Head Coaches Are Underrepresented in Football, N. Jeremi Duru

Panelist, Sports and Social Impact: Athlete Activism, Diversity, Inclusion, and Agents of Change, N. Jeremi Duru

Presenter, Exploring Anti-Racist Athlete Activism, N. Jeremi Duru

Presenter, Racism, Social Injustices, and Sports, N. Jeremi Duru

Presenter, Sport as a Tool to Change Society, N. Jeremi Duru


Prominent Issues in Professional Sports, N. Jeremi Duru

The Rooney Rule and Collegiate Athletics, N. Jeremi Duru


The Rooney Rule, Race, and Access in Athletics: A Fireside Chat, N. Jeremi Duru


Student Athlete to Ca$hlete, N. Jeremi Duru, Perry Baker, Nathaniel Hemingway, Tabetha Plummer, and Naima Stevenson

Technology, Health, Trust and Social Justice in the NFL, N. Jeremi Duru, Joe Briggs, Damarius Bilbo, and Ben Standing


Race in Sports: Professional Coaches & Equality, N. Jeremi Duru, Rod Graves, and Raj Kudchadkar

The NFL's Rooney Rule, and its practical application to higher education and intercollegiate athletics, N. Jeremi Duru and Jim Rooney

Plenary – From Play to Platform: Civil Rights and Social Justice Issues and Responsibilities in Sports, N. Jeremi Duru, Jim Rooney, and Terri Jackson


IP, Technology, & Social Justice in the Time of Coronavirus, Christine Farley


Women in IP Law (Fireside Chat on Women in IP Law), Christine Farley


The Trademark Year in Review (The IP Year in Review: Patent Law, Trademark Law and Right of Publicity, Copyright Law), Christine Farley, Dennis D. Crouch, David Nimmer, and Jef Pearlman


How to work with the CJEU’s archives as an EU lawyer, EUI workshop on THE COURT OF JUSTICE IN THE ARCHIVES PROJECT: FIRST FINDINGS AND NEXT STEPS, Fernanda Nicola


How to work with the CJEU’s archives as an EU lawyer, EUI workshop on THE COURT OF JUSTICE IN THE ARCHIVES PROJECT: FIRST FINDINGS AND NEXT STEPS, Fernanda Nicola


Panelist, Advancing Inclusion in Copyright and Register Barbara Ringer’s Legacy, Victoria Phillips

Faith and the Call to Address Social, Gender, Racial and Economic Inequality, Brenda V. Smith

Defund the Police? Mapping a Reform Agenda, Brenda V. Smith, Roy Austin, Cynthia E. Jones, and Fernando Laguarda

Women & LGBTQ+ Populations in Confinement, Brenda V. Smith, Dr. LaShonda Brenson, Michelle Bonner, Jamie Rodriguez, and Whit Washington

Submissions from 2019

International Dispute Resolution Involving States: Key Decision in 2018, Padideh Ala'i

Symposium on “Artificial Intelligence and the Law”, Padideh Ala'i


Symposium on "International Trade in the Trump Era", Padideh Ala'i

Current Status of Regulatory Sandboxes and Regulations for New Technology Growth in the United States, Hilary Allen

Designing Regulatory Sandboxes, Hilary Allen

Driverless Finance, Hilary Allen


Regulatory Sandboxes, Hilary Allen

Regulatory Sandboxes_March 8, 2019, Hilary Allen

The Borders of Sandboxes, Hilary Allen

The Financial Stability Implications of Cryptoassets, Hilary Allen

Voluntary Disruptions: Author Meets Reader Session, Hilary Allen

A Court Like Any Other?: Evidence from the Federal Circuit’s Non-Patent Docket, Jonas Anderson

PatCon 9: The Annual Patent Conference (Kansas Law), Jonas Anderson

The Realpolitik of IP, Jonas Anderson

The Value of "Worthless" Patents, Jonas Anderson

The Value of “Worthless” Surgical Method Patents, Jonas Anderson


Coaching Diversity in Professional Sports, N. Jeremi Duru

Panelist, “When They See Us: The System", N. Jeremi Duru

Player Representation: Agents and Attorneys, N. Jeremi Duru

Sports Technology, Analytics, Fantasy, Mobile, eSports & Virtual Reality: What’s next in an Explosive Landscape, N. Jeremi Duru


When They See Us - Conversation Three: The System, N. Jeremi Duru


The Emerging Nexus Between Sport, Race, and Social Justice Activism, N. Jeremi Duru, Roger Fairfax, and Cara Drinan


The Inescapable Intersection of Race, Law, and Sports: Perspectives from the Field, N. Jeremi Duru, Michele Roberts, Woodie Dixon, and Jeff Whitney


Criminal Justice Reform in the 21st Century: The Path Forward, Brenda V. Smith

Mock Law Class: Civil Rights Law, Brenda V. Smith

PREA: Why it Matters, Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, Brenda V. Smith

Promise and Peril: PREA's Efforts to Regulate an End to Prison Rape_April 3, 2019, Brenda V. Smith

Sexual Victimization of Women in Custody, Brenda V. Smith

Strategies to Combat U.S. Solitary Confinement: Litigation, Legislation, and Regulation, Brenda V. Smith

Opening Plenary Keynote Luncheon, Brenda V. Smith; Sylvia Mathews Burwell; Khizr Khan, Esq.; Louis Caldera; Jerry Kang; Camille Nelson; and Susan Carle

Panel 9F: Balancing Scholarship, Teaching and Service to Succeed on the Tenure Track – A Workshop for Pretenure Colleagues and Faculty Aspirants, Brenda V. Smith, José Gabilondo, Danielle Holley-Walker Howard University, Kristin N. Johnson, and Rose Cuison Villazor Rutgers University


Welcoming remarks: United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s presentation, “Challenges to the Protection of Human Rights in the 21st Century and the Role of the United Nations”, Brenda V. Smith and Claudio Grossman

Welcoming Remarks - Conversation with Former Judge of the International Court of Justice: Professor Thomas Buergenthal, Brenda V. Smith, Claudio Grossman, and Padideh Ala’i


Panel 1: Prison Reform in the United States and Abroad, Brenda V. Smith, William Hellerstein, Deborah LaBelle, and Juan E. Mendez


Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can, Brenda V. Smith, Katie Kronick, Jayesh Rathod, Nancy Abramowitz, and Zuberi Williams

WIPs/TIPs SESSION 1 (C1) Colloquium C1A: WIP Grouping - Property & Development: Commenting on Omari Simmons (Wake Forest)'s "Urban Removal: Reshaping Urban Landscapes Through a Responsive Communitarian Lens", Brenda V. Smith and Omari Simmons

Submissions from 2018


Legal Research Presentation

“Empowering Citizenship in Our Shared Digital Future”, Conference on Empowering Citizenship, Padideh Ala'i

"International Adjudication: Peaks, Valleys, and Rolling Hills”, The 20th Annual Grotius Lecture, Padideh Ala'i

“Transparency and its Limits”, Transparency and Society – Between Promise and Peril, Herrenhausen Conference, Padideh Ala'i

“WTO Participation and Potential Violation”, US Trade Policy Panel on WTO Participation and Potential Violation, Padideh Ala'i

Algorithms and Financial Institution Culture, Hilary Allen

A US Regulatory Sandbox?_May 26, 2018, Hilary Allen

Corporate Innovation and Regulation, Hilary Allen

Discussion Group: A New Era for Business Regulation, Hilary Allen

Financial Crisis and Regulatory Frameworks, Hilary Allen

Fintech and Financial Stability, Hilary Allen

Principles of Financial Regulation, Hilary Allen

Seminar on Law and Theory Relating to the 2008 Financial Crisis, Hilary Allen

The Current State of Play in Financial Services Regulation, Hilary Allen